Business Performance Improvement Specialists

Build Information Security into Your Company
and Add These Powerful Capabilities:

  • Agile response to new opportunities
  • Ability to mine and use business information to grow and innovate
  • Make trustworthy decisions and RISK assessments with accurate knowledge
  • Built-in NOT bolted-on cyber defenses and rapid response.
  • Be prepared for:

      • Cyberattacks
      • New compliance laws and regulations
      • Rapid recovery from unplanned outages and disruptions
      • Data Breach

Here’s How:

Follow these 6 principles with your business improvement planning:

1. Information Security requires knowing what business information exists, its value, its location and ensuring that it is made available to those who need it, when and where it is needed.

2. All successful business improvement projects require these same things.

3. IT Management is NOT the same as Information Security Management.

4. Combine business improvement projects with Information Security methods to leverage the resources that you already have.

5. Department driven initiatives are NOT enterprise driven initiatives.

6. When done right, Information Security Management adds value.

Enhancing Business Improvement with Information Security
Delivers the Best Results

SMART-BISM is the methodology that will help you to do this. Information Security must address all aspects of your business to provide protection; the SMART-BI FrameworkSM crosses all department and division boundaries to reach out to the front lines of your company. It aligns all of the business components behind your business goals to deliver a truly unified solution.

Built-in Information Security gives your business the competitive edge it needs.

It is not IF you will be hacked. It is when. Will you be ready?


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Business Complete Solutions is a Business Performance Improvement consulting company headquartered near Pittsburgh, PA. We work directly with CxO’s to help them to focus their resources to achieve successful business improvement projects.

The SMART-BI FrameworkSM helps to create the essential “big picture” view of the enterprise that only combining business operations and knowledge with Information Security methods can provide. See for yourself click HERE.


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